2016 Collector's Series

Our 2016 image comes from the December 24, 1949 issue of The War Cry, the publication for the Southern Territory (USA) of the Salvation Army. It appeared along with the Christmas article of the 6th General of The Salvation Army, Albert Orsborn. The article is entitled “Love Came Down,” and the gifts in the painting reflect one of General Orsborn’s key themes in the article, that Jesus Christ is “the Divine Gift, God’s only begotten Son, … our Savior.” We love this Salvation Army couple delivering christmas love to someone who needs it. Credit for the painting is given to Ernest Inglewood Smith. However we have not been able to uncover any information about this artist who has captured so well the spirit of The Salvation Army. If you can share any of Mr. Smith’s story with us, we would be most appreciative to receive it!

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